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Neodymium magnet directly from China. Save money and buy it from us.

We are located in China, Zhejiang province - production center of neodymium magnets. Worldwide free shipping by Registered Airmail. Express shipping available. All shipments are trackable. Minimim oder US$10. PayPal payment available. Wholesale order are welcome. Neodymium NeoCube - magnets puzzle. The most popular toy made of neodymium magnets. NEOCUBE by EXTRAMAGNET.COM, buy neocube the latest original puzzle.

NeoCube, BuckyBalls - magnets puzzle

Are you looking for an original magnetic puzzle toy which is composed of 216 pcs individual high energy neodymium magnets sphere? This unique toy you can find on the market with different names as BuckyBalls, NeoCube, CyberCube, MagCube, Nanodots, Zen Magnet, etc. Different names but still the same original magnet puzzle toy which contains powerful neodymium magnet balls. From our province have their origin such brands as NeoCube, Nanodots, ZenMagnets, BuckyBalls.

BuckyBalls, NeoCube - retail shop

On this page NeoCube you can find shop, where we are selling all kinds of this toy. Save money and buy it directly from us. Competitive price. Economy packing - without color box save your money! Each original set is vacuum packed.

different color coating available

Available different color and coating as Nickel ( original ), Black-Nickel, Silver, Gold, Chrome, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Violet, Orange, Pink, Yellow. High quality coating with excellent resistance against humidity.

full range of diameter

We offer all diameter sizes which are available on the market 3mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm. A bigger size makes it easier to handle.

NeoCube | MagCube | CyberCube - Sphere Size

Sphere size - diameter of original NeoCube, MagCube, CyberCube is around 4.8mm i.e. 3/16" inch - 4.7625mm. The CyberCube ( Blue Box ) packing sphere size is 6mm - most preferred for building.

BuckyBalls | Nandots - Sphere Size

Sphere size - diameter of original BuckyBalls and Nanodots is 5mm.